JapanPro-TV consists of “EXPO Channel” and “B2B Channel”.
EXPO Channel is a portal site of PR video of exhibitions in Japan and overseas.
B2B Channel is a portal site of PR video of Japanese manufacturers.

Remarks : You can view the following video by industry field in the near future.
Multiple Recycle Machine   New Genetic Testing Tool   Prismatic titanium oxide   Components for Robots

Small Jet Engine for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles   Surface Processing for Stainless Steel   Microwave-induced Plasma in Liquid Technology   Silicone Rubber Heater
Precision Small Motors   IoT System
  Blower, Heat Excanger   Screw Booster Pump
Self-Tightening Nuts   Teste Sensor   Wearable Barcode Reader   Current Amplifier

Plating for Precision Parts   Chuck Device for Machine Tools   Greaseless Bearing   Ultra-precision Diamond Cutting Tools
Prosthetic Limb Sockets   Robotic Hand Changer
  Semiconductor Depressing Instrument   Manufacture of Auto Parts
Ion-beam Etching Frequency Adjuster   Multipurpose Highly Efficient Washing System   Bacteria/E. Coli Automatic Inspection Equipment   Original Special Cutting Tools

3D Ball Mill   Vernier Calipers   Folding Type Solar Panel   Hydraulic Cylinders
Electronic Microscope   Deburring Washing Machine Using Shock Wave
  Spool Piece Ultrasonic Flowmeter   Factory Automation System (FA System)
Motion Control System   Interface   3D Printers for Metal Parts   Strain Measuring Device

Centrifuge   Ultra-small Rotary Encoder   Nonmagnetic/High Lubrication/Low Contact Resistance Plating   Dies for Casting High-performance Heat Sinks
High Speed Low Temperature Freezing Apparatus with Super-cooling   Processing of Polyurethane Resin Products
  Generation Business Support System   Small Level Switch
Rehabilitation Support Robot   Cooking Support System Visualizing Cutting Force   Abrasion Resistance and Heat Resistance Coating Technology   User-Friendly, Efficient Taping Machines
Stainless-steel Casing Rings for Vacuum Pumps   Grinding-free Machining Technology
  Composite Plating Technology   Isolation Amplifier

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