We support overseas market development and the business promotion of Japanese company
based on the mutual beneficial partnership with overseas exhibitions.

JapanPro is a trade mark of the core business promoted by us.

Global B2B Marketplace
for Japanese companies
Company Directory of
Japanese advanced technology

We organize "International Business Lounge" as "Global B2B Marketplace" for overseas visitors during the exhibition to be held in Japan.

We provide business meeting booth, presentation corner, product catalog stand and information service counter, and the lounge service coordinator responds appropriately to requests of overseas visitors at “International Business Lounge”

We support your participant from overseas to "International Exhibition in Japan 2018" displayed on our website.



We support the business partnering between Japan and Korea through “Technical Marketing Business Meeting” regularly held in Tokyo and Seoul.


We are building a worldwide network of sales partner and end users of MRM.
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Features of MRM : http://www.g8inter.com/

1. MRM is not an Incinerator. 
2. MRM is developed by Subcritical Water Technology.
3. MRM is organic waste disposal machine. 
4. MRM does not generate carbon dioxide, dioxin, etc. at all.
5. MRM is easy to operate and maintain.
6. All processed products can be reused for feed, fertilizer,
  soil conditioner and so on.
7. The introduction cost, operation cost and running cost are about
 1/3 to 1/5 of the incinerator (In the case of same processing volume)

International exhibition hall in Japan's capital area